The Beauchamp Family Farm B.F.F.
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Welcome to the Beauchamp Family Farm, or B.F.F. for short!
We are a newly established family farm that still has further to grow. We are a family of 4 (a military veteran father, an mba graduate mother, and 2 sweet homeschooled children that are very active within the community). We have animals – Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and Chickens. We garden and forage. We believe in self-sufficiency, no-waste, and are Christians. While we still know that we much more to grow, we also believe that slow and steady steps forwards leads to growth – which is why we opened up shop rather than waiting until “the timing was just right”. I mean, afterall, will the timing be ever “just right”? Anyways, back to it… We settled down in beautiful East Tennessee after having lived in Michigan, New Jersey, and Montana. We love it here and are happy to call it HOME. With slow-and-steady steps forward we are making progress on goals with a bright future ahead.

You can follow along on YouTube as we post videos regularly on our trials and tribulations. We love to post fun videos on Tik Tok and share great photos taken on our property to our IG @thisis.ourzoo 

Welcome to the zoo! 

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