Jess & Company features a lifestyle business built around a bohemian business mindset. The idea here is that we should be able to combine all aspects of our lives together to live a happier and more prosperous life. #collidetocoexist

About the beginning of Jess & Company and the leading lady, Jess.

Jess has always been a visionary and knows that she is not the only one out there, for in fact there are many more visionaries amongst us and a lot less time than possible to come together and create and develop all of these beautiful, wonderful, and imaginative pieces that we all come up with. But if we work together, utilizing each other’s strengths and coming together as one in unity and as a whole then we can conquer so much more together than we can alone. This concept and that idea have been the foundation of where Jess and Company was born.

For years and years, Jessica struggled to find balance in life to reach the apex of all of her roles – whether intentional or unintentionally, these are roles that she was meant to be – part of God’s plan and part of what made her who she is – but she found that she was growing frail and thin within many of roles, not able to truly be the best at all of them but only arising to a good mediocre, at best, in all. That was when she realized that, although talented in many things, she is not capable of doing it all, and therefore she must absolutely utilize the skills and strengths of others so that she can be the best within a few roles, rather than pushing that rope to a thin string. Jess and Company was born. Jessica is good at some things, and those are highlighted in the meet the team section, but there are so many other great artisans and skilled makers that each one has their own section as well – this is our Company!

With love and gratitude,
Jessica Beauchamp, Founder, Author, & Designer.