credenza with tree of life artwork designed by Jessica Beauchamp

Jess & Company:
Crafting Tradition, Digital Expression, and Sustainable Living Under One Umbrella

Welcome to Jess and Company, a unique company that encompasses the essence of skilled craft, digital creativity, and sustainable living in one harmonious space. As an umbrella brand, we house 3 distinct facets: slow fashion, functional digital designs, and a small-scale family homestead where renewable practices thrive.

Impeccable Masterful Artistry

By choosing Jess & Co. you gain access to meticulously crafted handmade clothing and products. Our skilled artisans pour their hear and soul into every piece, ensuring exceptional quality, attention to detail, and a level of artistry that is unmatched. Each item becomes a testament to the beauty of craftmanship, creating a unique and timeless experience for our customers.

Limitless Creative Possibilities

With Jess & Company's digital prints and designs, you have a world of creativity at your fingerprints. Our talented designer harnesses the power of technology to create captivating patterns and motifs that can be used and applied in various products. If you're looking for bold and vibrant or intricate and delicate, you're sure to find it here.

Embrace Sustainable Living

Through our family farm, we go beyond just beautiful products. Our small-scale homestead reflects our commitment to sustainable living practices. From the development of a food forest to foraging and encouraging permaculture principles, we prioritize sustainable stewardship of our land and animals for healthier living.

Holistic Lifestyle Connection

We provide a holistic experience that connects you to the essence of artistry, digital innovation, and sustainable living. As an umbrella brand, we bring together these elements seamlessly, offering a cohesive and harmonious lifestyle approach. By embracing our products and philosophy, you become part of a community that values tradition, celebrates creativity, and cherishes the beauty of this world. It's not just about the individual items; it's about immersing yourself in a broader vision of mindful living and conscious consumption.

Jess & Company:
Where Artistry, Innovation, and Sustainability Flourish

Welcome to Jess & Co., a visionary brand led by the talented designer Jess Beauchamp. We are proud to be an umbrella company that encompasses the realms of handmade products, digital prints and designs, and a small-scale homestead committed to sustainability. Here we create an immersive experience where artistry, innovation, and sustainable living converge to offer our customers unparalleled value and a unique connection to our products. 

Lead designer Jess Beauchamp brings her passion for creativity and meticulous attention to detail to every aspect of our offerings. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to excellence, Jess ensures that each item under the Jess & Co. brand exudes a sense of artistry, sophistication, and individuality. 

Who is Jess?

Jess embodies a holistic approach to life, viewing it as a well-woven work of art. She believes in the harmony of skilled craftsmanship, digital creativity, and sustainable living.

Passion for Slow Fashion: As the driving force behind the slow fashion facet, Jess is dedicated to creating clothing that goes beyond trends. She values high-quality, thoughtfully sourced materials and insists on ethical manufacturing processes. Each piece is a reflection of her commitment to conscious consumption.

Digital Design Maven: In the realm of digital designs, Jess is a visionary. Planners, journals, and artworks are not just products but expressions of her creativity. The integration of these designs into the slow fashion pieces adds a unique and personalized touch.

Steward of the Family Homestead: On the family homestead, Jess wears the hat of a sustainable steward. From providing nourishing food to the community through eggs to contributing garden resources like manure and soil supplementation, she ensures that every aspect is interconnected and sustainable.

Connection to Nature: Jess finds inspiration in the rhythms of nature. The homestead is not just a source of resources but a canvas for her artistic endeavors. The art materials produced here become an integral part of the slow fashion designs, completing the circle of creativity.

Community Builder: Jess is not just a business owner; she is a community builder. Her commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond products to educational initiatives and community engagement. Through Jess and Company, she seeks to inspire others to embrace a lifestyle that values craftsmanship, creativity, and sustainability.

Nature's Artistry Unveiled

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Fashion Inspired by Earth's Finest:
Discover the Eclectic Style Fusion Available only at Jess & Co.

Embark in the captivating world of our holistic approach, where design harmoniously blends with natural elements to create truly enchanting fashion experiences. Discover the perfect fusion of artistry and the organic world as we meticulously craft each piece to evoke the beauty and essence of nature. Immerse yourself in garments and designs that effortlessly integrate with the world around us, embracing the captivating energy of the earth. Experience the transformative power of nature-inspired fashion with Jess & Company as your trusted guide, where design and natural elements unite to create a harmonious and awe-inspiring collection that celebrates the beauty of our world.

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