Who is Jess and Company, USA? – Finding Self Purpose Through a Brand and Business.

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Welcome to Day One of Jess and Company, USA!

We here are excited to introduce to make this major leap and finally introduce ourselves. Jess and Co. USA is a lifestyle brand that focuses on selling clothing for the free-spirit. Designed with intentionality and developed with mindfulness, all products, ideologies, and methods are made to express your inner self in an outwards fashion. This means that this brand about developing and finding one’s inner self-purpose through the use of this brand’s wisdom and business behind it. Jess and Co. USA also specializes in inspiring, motivating, and finding one’s inner self to develop a life of intent and purpose – one that God has intended us to live all along. All that we do in life focuses on building our eternal spirit towards one that God intended all along, therefore, this company is an expression of such for one and many as well as strives to deliver that and help lead others to find their purpose in life too. Simply put, you will find thoughtfully designed clothing and home decor, advice for improving one’s inner self as an outward expression, DIY tutorials for some super fun and cool things to do with everyone, and exciting entrepreneurial business and homesteading guidelines, how-to’s, and explorations. We should all work to live a life that we dream – and that doesn’t necessarily mean glitz and glamor – that could be finding peace, serenity, and tranquility within and living a life of mindful intent and purpose. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to where this journey leads us!

With sincerity, peace, and love,
Jessica Beauchamp, Founder, Author, & Designer at Jess and Company, USA.

Psst… If you’re interested in learning more about this type of business mentality then you can check out more about conscious capitalism which is detailed in this great book, Conscious Capitalism  or you can head on over to the website, Conscious Capitalism.

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