Weekend Words of Wisdom | Patience | Take the Time to Change Your Mind | #5

Jessica Beauchamp

Jessica Beauchamp

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Jessica Beauchamp

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Weekend Words of Wisdom | #5

“It takes time and patience, but if you develop the habit of using forceful, positive Self-Talk rebuttals to your negative Mind Chatter you will soon see a shift in your Mind Chatter, how you feel and what you do.” — Mark Snyder, Developing Good Habits —

Through patience, we can achieve, do, and become great. In order to be great, you need to change your inner dialogue from one of negativity and put-downs, defeat and fear, to one of positivity, encouragement, belief, faith, and hope. Changing one’s inner dialogue will not happen overnight, it will take some time. Just think, did that negative inner dialogue happen overnight or did it slowly creep up and overshadow your thoughts, beliefs, and life? It took some time to become, therefore, it will take some time to overcome. But through persistence, patience, and belief that positive things are happening, that the change you desire is occurring, then you will become exactly what you want to be in the way that you want to.


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