Weekend Words of Wisdom | Patience | Do the Work – With or Without an Audience | #6

Jessica Beauchamp

Jessica Beauchamp

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Weekend Words of Wisdom | #6

“Doing interesting work when nobody notices takes patience and belief.”Brian Knapp, Creative Pursuit  —

The whole point of the work that you do – your time that is priceless – is to perform the work that matters the most to you. This may be raising a family, taking care of animals, creating inspirational stories, building a dream home, making a masterpiece, and so on and on, but it has to be for you to begin with before it’s about others – even if others are involved. Your passion is derived from a deep drive to do what brings about the most joyous and satisfactory things – but that passion is about you, it’s about achieving your inner desire, and it’s what delivers motivation. Motivation comes from inside and that passion is the cog in the wheel. So ask yourself – do you do the work for yourself or for others? Is this the interesting work that your life’s purpose depends on? If the answer is no, then when will you do that interesting work?

Simply put, does the audience arrive at a concert hall unknowing what to expect or does the audience arrive with an idea in mind before it ever begins? You need to lay the groundwork for the idea before the audience arrives, don’t expect them to arrive at an empty hall – be ready for them when they show up!




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