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Fully Stocked

Our sweet and goofy guy, Mr. Handsome Cornholio, just finished a molt of his feathers, so now we have a full stock of beautiful Turkey feathers.

A large male turkey in the fall

What Does it Mean When They Molt?

They are losing feathers to regrow new feathers. It’s a natural process where they shed their old-growth feathers to allow for new-growth feathers. Similar to how other types of animals shed their fur during the changing of the seasons, so too does a bird. It is common to see a bird like a chicken or turkey shed their Summer plumage to make way for their Winter coat. 

Why Do They Molt?

They molt in the same way a dog or cat sheds their fur to regrow healthy fur during the changing of the seasons — the different coats serve different purposes (one to keep them cool, another to keep them warm).

For birds, their feathers experience wear and tear on the average day, leading to feathers that don’t do the best job of a feather possible. So they naturally shed, also known as molt, their feathers to regrow strong, healthy, and sometimes even more beautiful feathers (like in the case of a peacock). This helps them to be better at attracting the attention of a mate (if they are male), keep warm in the winter, and fly if possible/when needed.

A large male turkey Tom standing with a large flock of chickens eating food in the Fall with a colorful coop in the past.

What makes our Turkey feathers unique?

Well, they come from our beloved Mr. Handosome Cornholio. He is a true guardian of all the birds here on our farm, including not just the female Turkey hen (who hates him and has feigned broodiness all Summer to avoid him) but also our Ducks and all the Chickens, including the Roosters.

He is the first to warn of a predator, and he is one of the first out of hiding to check to make sure the coast is clear. In fact, he ran head-on and was face-to-face with a bald eagle that landed too close to the coop one day. So yes, he is a true hero.

Not to mention where they came from, but they are also meticulously cared for and have been washed and sanitized before use making them ready-to-use upon immediate arrival.

Turkey Tail Feathers

Looking for Ethically Sourced and All-Natural Turkey Feathers?

Check out our small family homestead, Beauchamp Family Farm, for all of your turkey feather needs! 

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