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This Small Business Saturday, join the local love and discover unbeatable deals from us at Jess & Co.

From now until December 1st, enjoy a spectacular 35% off everything in all of our Etsy shops!

Indulge in small-batch handmade clothing, accessories, and decor, functional digital designs, and natural garden products, all alongside ethically sourced craft feathers. Our curated collection has something for everyone, so shop small, save big, and make this Small Business Saturday unforgettable!

From now until December 1st (that’s only 1 week!), receive 35% off of everything available in our Etsy shops! 

Relish in the deals now before it’s too late! 

Shop our multiple Etsy stores and save 35%. This deal is only available until December 1st, so shop now before they are gone. 

ANNOUNCEMENT — JessDesigned + JessMADE on Etsy

We have made a change on our Etsy shop.

For a long time I operated only as JessDesigned and sold both handmade and digital prints. That worked well and I was growing in the Farmers Market scene. Then as a family several things happened — we moved cross country in an RV with 4 dogs, 4 cats, and a toddler. Then some more life happened and we later relocated to a place with more land in another state (yet again another cross country move, but caravan style with 4 vehicles). Which led me to open up JessMADE as an exclusive small batch, handmade business. While I operated it on Etsy, it has felt very disconnected in painting the whole picture. In fact, a lot of my designed products are also implemented in my handmade goods, so they are one and same. This led to the realization that JessDesigned and JessMADE are part of the same book and therefore on Etsy will also be presented together to tell the whole story. So with that information, you will find JessDesigned and JessMADE have merged as one on Etsy (they were always part of the whole story here at Jess & Co.). 

So go check it out and save some money while you’re at it: JessDesigned + JessMADE

Support a Family

Directly support a family when you purchase from our Beauchamp Family Farm Etsy shop!

From feathers for arts and crafts projects to natural products to be used as fertilizers in the garden, help support our small family farm and save money.

Better hurry, though; this sale only lasts for 1 week!

No code is needed. Shop now.

Looking Forward

As we move into the new year, expect to see more on our website store plus keep an eye out for new services coming! 

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