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We all suffer from what Mark Langford refers to as ‘work sickness’ when we work in a tireless place performing something that does not mesh with our hidden passions in life.

But what if we told you that it’s possible to meld them all into one?

That’s what we have done here, at Jess and Company, USA. We have many interests in life and our lives are about living it to the fullest potential, living out our true purpose, and living up to our full potential.

Why should anyone have to sacrifice their individual person to live out someone else’s dream? We here do not think that’s a must in life. And, while this idea of living out our dreams in our youth is encouraged and fostered, it is not when we “grow up” and become adults – for then it becomes about survival – when in reality life is nothing but a massive adventure, and we should never stop dreaming regardless of our age.

Now, we don’t want to mislead you in thinking that all things are going to be honky dory and happy-go-lucky when you choose to mindfully live out your life – in fact, you’re likely to encounter a great deal of resistance for you are choosing to live a life that so many are too fearful to live. You are following your dreams, your passion, and satisfying your heart as God guides you towards your purpose – and that scares people. Even more so, it will scare those closest to you. But know that you are not alone in this endeavor and if you can overcome the obstacles in your way, the feeling of success, fullness, happiness, and richness will pour over you in greater quantities than ever before.

Remember the tagline, collide to coexist. All that is us – all that is our lives – should collide to coexist – to live in harmony and balance – not to disrupt or cause neglect in one or several avenues.

P.S. We here really like journals and planners!


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