Spring is Here! Have You Started Prepping Your Garden Yet?

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According to the Old Farmer Almanac, spring has arrived! Flowers and trees have started budding, the robins have returned to the North, and temperatures are starting to warm up as snow becomes rain. Thunderstorms are a brewing and the sweet floral scent along the warm breeze is upon us.

So what have you done to begin prepping your garden for homegrown food and beautiful flower growth this year?

With the jittering excitement and the buzzing of life means that it’s time for a new – it’s time to begin laying the seeds of the foundation.

Some things that you can begin doing now are the following:

  • Develop nutrient rich compost. To learn more about how to compost, you can check out Pretty Handy Girl’s article about growing garden gold.

  • Begin planning your bed + layout. If you don’t currently have a garden bed, then decide on the type and size that you would like. Do you want a garden flush with the ground?
    • Tip: Then try laying a tarp the size of your planned garden size over the desired area to begin prepping and mitigating the grass growth before rototilling and laying your seeds. Do you want a raised garden bed?
    • Tip: Then begin thinking about the depth and the size in relation to the plants that you want to cultivate. Do you want a garden purely based in pots that can be brought indoors or transplanted if need be?
    • Tip: Potted plants are great for those that like to dominate a space such as mint, bamboo, or strawberries.
    • Tip: Whatever you choose, your best bet would be to sketch it out on a piece of graph paper using a ruler and scale – this way you have a plan to go off of. 
  • Choose your plants. This one somewhat goes along with planning of your bed as some plants cannot be paired alongside one another, but this also is one of the most enjoyable parts and allows you to decide what type of garden you will grow. Will it be a floral garden? An herb garden? A fruit and vegetable garden? When choosing your plants, if you’re growing direct from seed then you will want to check your zone area and see when the proper time is to begin planting some of your seeds outdoors.
    • Tip: To visually pinpoint your exact hardiness zone, then refer to Plant Maps.
  • If growing from seed, is it too early to start growing the seed indoors? Before you sow though, there are many plants that love to be started indoors using simple starter pods or more diy methods such as sealing the seeds inside a ziplock bag while wrapped in moistened paper towel and periodicially re-moistening while keeping it in a dark and warm space inside of your home.
  • Are you growing from more established plants? If you choose the more established plant route, then you will need to wait just a little longer before those become available and are ready for planting.
  • If you are looking for more advice on what type of plants, think about the end result. 

Do you have any more tips or advice to share – we would love to hear it!

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