Black and Gray Feather Cape with Blue Velvet – Satin – Feathers – Formal Wear – Jacket – Caplet – Couture


  • 100% handmade
  • 100% couture one-of-a-kind
  • 100% ethically-sourced
  • Direct from farm to artisan
  • Zero waste

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Jessica Beauchamp
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This feather cape features black and gray mixed and patterned feathers arranged in a specific manner. This cape is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Designed by Jessica Beauchamp using naturally sourced chicken feathers from a bird out of the Beauchamp Family Farm flock. These feathers have been cleaned and sanitized before use and are all-natural, no artificial dyes have been used. The cape features a soft-flowy satin interior that is one-size-fits-all that has a soft royal blue velvet finish with a button and tie to close. It is a couture, one-of-a-kind item uniquely and thoughtfully created.

This cape would be a beautiful addition to any formal event and would look absolutely breathtaking in photos.

The feathers from this cape were derived from one of our farm hens who suddenly died of a heart attack while in my arms. I heard a ruckus from the coop right after feeding and shutting the door for the night. When I looked I saw a hen on the ground. I picked her up and thought she may have been choking so I quickly inspected for a blockage and tried blowing air through her nostrils and mouth. There was no blockage and as I held her she passed away in my arms in searching for a source of her death I dissected her. She had a heart attack. This was evident by the large clot that had formed in her heart immediately following death. Because we do not believe in wasting anything on our farm, we take measures to ensure that all resources are utilized and no life is put to waste.

We did the following to ensure full resources and little to no waste:
– Meat and intestines (after dissection for classification on death) were sent over to a local friend who has a pet fox.
– Feet were dehydrated and became dog treats for our dogs – heart and testicles were also used as dog treats.
– The feathers were cleaned and sanitized to be used as clothing.
– ZERO waste – A goal of the Beauchamp Family Farm.

Every feather was hand-selected and specifically laid out in an intentional matter to create the cape and the final look that has transpired here. With every piece hand-selected and purposefully attached, this entire cape was made laboriously with love. From loved hen to loved garment, nothing went to waste and intentionality was had.

To learn more about the Beauchamp Family Farm, check us out on Facebook here.


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