Ethically Sourced Natural Feathers – Sanitized, Washed, and Ready to Use – Craft Supplies


  • 10 feathers for $5.00 (free shipping)
  • Ethically-sourced, naturally molted
  • From a free-range flock in NE TN
  • Sanitized and washed
  • Ready-to-use


Jessica Beauchamp
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These feathers have been ethically sourced from our flock of chickens at my families’ homestead in beautiful NE Tennessee. They have been sanitized and washed to be ready for use in any art project, jewelry, and craft that you specialize in.

10 naturally molted chicken feathers from our flock. 2-7 inches in length.

$5.00 (free shipping)

*Please note: feathers in the pictures are examples of what may be included, if you would like a particular color, then be sure to let me know when placing an order and I will do my best. Thanks!

Meet my flock!

Check out more about our chicken coop and our homestead on IG @thisis.ourzoo


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