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Jessica Beauchamp

Jessica Beauchamp

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Jessica Beauchamp

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Planning is key to all success.

It does not happen overnight or by some mystical magical fairy aka luck – it comes from diligence, strategic planning, and working the hustle.

A plan is a roadmap for how to get from point A to point B. So wouldn’t it make sense to plan your day, your week, your month, your life?

I know that I have spoken about how we need to ditch our plans sometimes to find our purpose, but in that, I am referring to idealized dreams of what our life should be rather than what it is. In regards to plans, I am literally talking about an actionable step-by-step plan – a strategy – a blueprint for you – one full of action, step-by-steps, how-to’s, and the literal ‘what to do’.

Now how can you achieve this?

You can start by laying out your roadmap for the next day the night before or the morning of – depending on your highest level of productivity and realization for what needs to get done. I am a night owl, so I am most aware of the needs and how to’s and the point a-to-b strategies at night. In fact, I review and schedule tasks the night before bed right before I fall asleep. (Bluelight filters are pillows for my eyes when staring at my Samsung note tablet late at night – takes that brightness down to the perfect notch!) I also review my calendar for the week ahead on a Sunday night, after the weekend has passed, and before the week has made its appearance…those dreaded Monday’s are always full of grit, grind, & hustle (but the pay-off at the end of the night is AWESOME!). Finally, I perform one last review of my planner/calendar/to-do’s/goals on a monthly basis 2X. This is done at both the beginning and end (sometimes a 3rd sneaks in at the middle of the month, but not always; however, if it does it’s to reassess where I am going per the beginning of the month to end with the desired goal). At the beginning of the month I lay out my goals and larger to-do’s, then at the end of the month I review what I have done to make those goals occur and consider whether or not I need to change directions or assess and re-direct towards the right path as I have steered far off course and managed lost in the ditch.

If you’re looking to make huge leaps and jump through hurdles with your goals then you need to start changing your thought process by going from a reactive to a proactive. Become proactive about your dreams rather than reactive towards situations.

Be proactive, not reactive.

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