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Grab these while you can as inventory fluctuates throughout the year since these are naturally gathered feathers from birds that have molted (or lost them naturally). Not only have they been thoughtfully selected and gathered, they have also been sanitized and washed to prevent any bugs, sickness, or general ickiness from sticking around. Once they have been washed they are then air-dried completely then stored in an air-tight container.

For $6.50 (that’s with shipping included!) you can buy 10 feathers to be used in your art, made into jewelry, created into crafts for gifts and home decor, be used at your next event as decor, or just about anything else that you can think of!

When selecting feathers, I look for the prettiest ones and we have a wide range of colors to choose from as well as sizes! They range from about 2 to 7 inches and come in an assortment of colors from golden orange, to solid gray, and spotted black and white.

The feathers come straight from our growing homestead in beautiful Northeast Tennessee. We currently have several varieties of birds in our flock so the coloring is always a beautiful mix. We feed our flock gmo-free feed and seed, home-raised mealworms, and whatever other bugs they pick up along the way while free-ranging in our grass and clover field. Take a look at our flock assortment below!

To make a purchase, go here >$6.50 (Free Shipping) 10 Assorted Feathers 

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