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Last week we discussed a natural herbal supplement designed to improve your energy and focus. If you haven’t read this blog post yet, then you can check it out here: 

Today we are going to talk about FOCUS. 

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Well, we are conditioned in our society to multi-task, but do you think this is truly attuned to productivity and results? No. There are numerous studies that indicate that focusing on one project at a time is more productive and conducive to positive results and early completion then focusing on multiple projects at once. Doesn’t this seem backwards? I know that at face value, it does. However, if you think about it – by being focused on one task, one item, one project at a time then your mind is able to stay on track and this allows for one thought to build upon another thought and so on until it’s completed. This does not happen when we jump from one task to another without completing the task and moving on. This results in unfinished thoughts, time needed to catch up between multiple tasks, and ‘switching gears’ slows progress down, is not the most productive, and ultimately leads to a lower quality level of work completed. This boils down to your work, results, and efficiency being relational to the amount of effort and FOCUS that you are able to dedicate. Remember, by being more focused, you will accomplish greater things! 

Need a reminder to stay focused? Then you may love this mug, tote, or pillow designed by Jess Designed. 

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