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Have you ever considered using a skin peel but were too fearsome of the chemical peel side effects? Did you know that a product exists that is not only all-natural but also comes without all of the negative side-effects of a chemical peel yet all of the positives (like baby smooth skin).

The Tidbit | Product

Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel

Made from mushroom enzyme, this renewing peel is much gentler yet as effective as a chemical peel. It’s designed to naturally stop exfoliating the skin once the dead skin is removed and the new skin is exposed – this works based on PH levels. The peel will become ineffective at a PH level of 5.5+, however, the skin that contains the dead cells and are in need of exfoliating maintain a PH level of 4.5 or less. Therefore, this peel works to eliminate the need to find a balance between under and over exfoliating as it automatically does it.

While it’s recommended to leave on for 8 minutes then remove, I can tell you that I have accidentally forgot to rinse it off my face for several hours because I grew distracted with daily demands, and when I finally did get around to rinsing it off my face looked great and it did not appear to have any negative side effects. Had I done that with a chemical peel…well, I can say that I would likely have some scarring and need to hide away for several days. 

Grab a natural enzyme peel today to start gently exfoliating your skin and expressing your inner beauty. 

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