How to Live a Life of Gratitude & Why You Should Begin Doing So Today

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Gratitude is part of being humble and creates happiness.


Because you really start to see what you have in life to be thankful for. You take on an appreciate life perspective. You develop introspection and kindness towards both yourself and others which leads to humility, calmness, peace, being humble, and ultimately happy.

How can one be gratuitous beginning today, especially in this busy and chaotic world that we live in?

  • Give thanks every day, either morning and/or night. Think of 2-3 things that you are thankful for and think of them, speak them, even jot them down. Having a hard time thinking of anything to be grateful for?
    • Did you wake up?
    • Did you have a meal today?
    • Do you have a roof or shelter to keep you dry/warm tonight?
    • Did you see a family member/friend that you haven’t seen in awhile?
    • Did you have a drink of clean water today?
    • Are you parent? Be thankful, not everyone has this opportunity.
  • Read an affirmation, save, and repeat.
    • An affirmation is a positive 1-2 sentence phrase that embodies empowerment and is either renewed daily or repeated over and over – similar to a mantra this way. If you’re having a difficult time developing positive affirmations then think about what caused you to wake up today. What is stroking the flame and energy within you to continue forward? What creates your inner momentum? If you are still struggling then turn towards the internet and search for positive affirmations related to what you want to achieve or attain. Remember, you are what you think. Some helpful resources to begin your journey may be starting with Donna Bird’s List of Affirmations by Categories or Louise Hay’s Daily Affirmations.
  • Maintain a gratitude journal. Journaling helps you to express yourself in a way that you may not be used to. It also is a form of meditation. Jess here, I maintain a journal and currently use the Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal by Tyndale.

  • Keep a blessings jar. This is where you write blessings throughout the day, the week, the month, and the year as they occur. They are really great to do at the beginning of the New Years as you sit and review the blessings from the previous year. Here are few to get you started, or a simple DIY.


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