How to Make a Halloween Costume WITH Kids

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So you want to make a Halloween costume but you have children, so when are you to find the time and how will you do this when juggling all of your responsibilities?

Halloween, and holidays for that matter are a time of family, food, celebration, and DIY (for many). The do-it-yourself activities may range in various forms, from baking treats, creating gifts, decorating for holiday parties, or in this case, making a Halloween costume (or 2) for those sweet little babies that you have.

Halloween costumes are a lot of fun and range from pretty to gory to scary – but while some decide to purchase a costume, others choose to go the DIY route. Doing a DIY costume often results in something both unique from all the other costumes as well as a little more ‘special’ given that it took up your time, skills, and patience. Part of the allure of making your own costume (for you, your family, or your kids) is that it’s often much more cost-effective, and this is especially important for families that are on a budget.

Now imagine you’re wanting to create your own costume – you either have a picture as inspiration or a pattern to follow – either you way, you are probably thinking, ‘how am I going to fit this in?’.

Well that’s what we will tackle.



  1. You need to change your thought process. You don’t need to ‘fit it in’, rather you need to incorporate the task into your everyday routine, even if this means doing a little at a time.
  2. You do not need to wait for a time when the kids are not around, rather involve them. This is especially exciting and fun for children if they have a hand in making their own costume!
  3. Remember, perfection is not what is being sought. If you find that you are frustrated that the children are ‘trying’ to help because they are not ‘doing it right’ (wrong!), then you need to remember that the goal is not perfection, it is the experience and the final outcome. Say, maybe your child wants to draw with marker paint in a different design then you had in mind, let them! The kids are allowed to be kids, and although you might be thinking they are ‘messing things up’, rather they are making it personalized and completely unique.
  4. Enjoy the journey and make those important memories. Yes, you will be getting a costume out of the process, but you will also be making amazing memories between you and your child that they will look back on fondly (rather than not having those memories at all, while you pretend joy on lack of sleep and stress to finish the costume BY YOURSELF and ON TIME).

Ultimately, embrace the help and integrate the experience with your children and your daily life. It might get a little messy, but the mess is so small in comparison to the memories made and the experience you and your child(ren) have together.

Embrace joy, integrate, and have fun!


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