How to Find Your Peace in a Noisy World

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Peace is a necessity of life.

Despite the chaos and busyness of our lives, we all need a little peace in our lives, even if for a moment.

How do we find peace in our lives, though? Especially in the humdrum busyness that creeps up on us each and every day?

      1. Practice mindfulness. Living mindfully involves calming down, focusing on our inner beings, finding peace in solitude even if it exists within us. Learn to take a moment of stillness – this can be through meditation, yoga, journaling, writing…something of that sorts that causes self-reflection and a feeling of slowing down, both mentally and physically.
      2. Live gratuitously. I have spoken about this before in the past – How to Live a Life of Gratitude
      3. Find your faith and learn about your own spirituality.
      4. Celebrate anything that presents itself as a success, both minor and large. You may even record these in what is known as a blessings jar. Learn to reward yourself for small gestures with small rewards – an extra cup of coffee, a donut, time to practice your hobby…things that bring about inner peace. 5. Learn to forgive…both yourself and others. Forgiveness is vital for creating a sense of contentment, peace, and happiness.
        Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.
        Ephesians 4: 31-32

        6. Declutter the clutter. The clutter in both our minds and in our lives creates a mess in all that we do. If you incorporate a method of decluttering to your daily routines without impeding your life and regular schedule then you will find a greater sense of accomplishment and clear-headedness.

        7. Release yourself of ideas about perfection. Perfection does not exist in this world. We may think it does, but it is a false idea and literally, nothing will be perfect. If you need more evidence of this, look at everything in nature – what tree is perfectly symmetrical between the branch and leaf patterning or what human body is perfectly symmetrical between the right and left side?

        8. Make time for you. You need to schedule time on your calendar for you. This may be time in which you pamper yourself, get lost in a good book, practice your craft, or lay in the sun….whatever it may be, it needs to be a time dedicated to you just as you would make time for anybody else. This might be 10 minutes, an hour, 3-hours…whatever it may be it needs to be nothing but ‘me time’.

        9. Remember to consider the long-term versus the short-term. Our goals and dreams are not accomplished overnight, we need to diligently practice and work towards them each and every day if we hope to make some headway and positive progress towards them – therefore you think in the long-term rather than the short-term. While the short-term mindset may seem dismal, the long-term mindset is promising.

        10. Sometimes we need to simply walk away for a short period of time to clear our mind. This may involve walking away from the computer for a short period of time or setting the phone down and walking away. It may go further and involve taking a walk in the park or out in nature. It may simply be grabbing a cup of tea and admiring the spring blossoms. Whatever it may be, there are times in our lives where walking away creates a greater amount of progress forward as it allows us to clear our heads and get away from the busyness for just a short amount of time.


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