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Jess & Company is a lifestyle business built around living a joyful life where you flourish in all aspects. This is a bohemian business mindset and many mothers aim to live this way. I know, because I am a mother myself and my goals in life consist of being the best wife and mother while simultaneously building a successful business that not only provides and supports my family but also brings joy and assistance to others looking to live a similar lifestyle.

Here at Jess & Co, you will find information about living mindfully to bring peace in your life. Creativity, small business tips, and natural living are explored in depth as they are often other sources of joy (aside from our little families).

I am a multimedia artist that works in a wide-range of mediums with preferences given to textiles. My art is developed with vibrant colors and natural shapes in mind. Inspiration is derived from my environment and often utilizes a component within it to derive connectivity while implementing sustainability. You can find my art available on a wide range of clothing, home decor, and fine art prints at Society 6 . If you’re a creative yourself, then Spoonflower fabrics and wallpapers are where you will want to check out. 

Shop art and design at JessDesigned, review published books on Amazon, take a look at the handmade boutique for your next gift, and stop by the farm to grab some fresh East Tennessee goods. 

With love and gratitude,


Jessica Beauchamp 
Founder, Author, & Designer

white bridal feather shrug handmade by Jessica Beauchamp

Shop for handmade clothes, accessories, and home goods for the many loving people in your life. 

Shop for designs featured in many of our handmade goods available on a large variety of mediums – from fabrics and wallpapers to digital stock and prints! 

silly chicken named 'Peanut Butter' from the Beauchamp Family Farm

Established in 2021 in beautiful East Tennessee, we are working hard every day on our beautiful homestead. We currently garden various items; raise poultry for meat, eggs, and feathers; and raise rabbits for meat and fur. 

credenza with tree of life artwork designed by Jessica Beauchamp

Shop for fine art prints, artistic clothing, and unique home goods featuring designs created by Jessica Beauchamp. 

braille inspired print for fabric and wallpaper on spoonflower

Graphics, Colors, Lines, and Patterns come together to make prints for fabrics, wallpapers, and unique home decor elements like table linens and bedspreads.  

modern holiday planner for 2022 on Amazon

In-depth, full-color, and well thought out Planners and books published on Amazon that have been designed and developed by Jessica Beauchamp.  


We like to post updates about everything we do around here – from homesteading to homeschooling and everything homemade in-between – we have it here, documenting everything along the way and sharing our lessons learned while we are at it. 


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