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Here I like to discuss topics about motivation, self-awareness, building your dream life – essentially living the bohemian mindset and boho lifestyle. Well, in doing so, there are some key products that I feel can really enhance your ability to live out that life you’re wanting. These range in particular meditations that I listen to on a regular basis, to essential oils for mood-setting (since I am a spatially operational person), and products that we take to enhance our natural selves – such as vitamins and Omega 3’s. Well, one such product is CBD Oil derived from hemp. Being that it is derived from hemp, this means that it’s legal in all 50 states. For more detail on this, you can view this article: What is CBD and how does it affect our body? 

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My Story:

I personally use it and have noticed significant results in regards to my motivation and energy. I take about 15 drops in the morning upon waking up and stretching. I place the drops underneath my tongue for a faster absorption rate and within a few minutes, I feel more energized, more upbeat about the day, and ready to take on any new challenges that come my way without the dread and with an upbeat attitude. I will then take another 10-15 drops mid-afternoon, much in the same way as I do in the morning, to beat the mid-day slump that I (and most people) experience. This has significantly reduced my feeling of fatigue and desire to nap midday. While I feel energized, I don’t feel jittery or “buzzy” like I would with caffeine, granted I still drink coffee (a cup mid-morning when the adenoid glands have reached full impact and the caffeine can prevent fatigue from taking over, and sometimes a cup at lunch). Before I had CBD oil, I was drinking at least half a pot of coffee, straight black to prevent the sugar crash, and I still felt fatigued. Now, I feel energized and ready to take on the day. I will say that I avoid taking CBD Oil in the evening as it will keep me up later than normal since I feel so energized on it.

I initially wanted to try CBD Oil for my pain. I have soreness in the morning and find that I would often reach for an anti-inflammatory during the day due to a number of things, maybe a tension headache, TMJ pain, back pain, general soreness…etc. However, I am finding myself not reaching for an anti-inflammatory nearly as much as I did before CBD Oil. In fact, I have been practicing more yoga and working out more regularly now – which before CBD Oil would cause extensive soreness and fatigue, but now I feel energized after a workout and look forward to it during the day.

Finally, I would like to also mention that CBD Oil has really improved my overall mindset. I seem to be calmer, more focused and have an increased positive outlook on the day versus some sense of concern or stress about this or that. I do have anxiety and that would cause a sense of dread towards tackling a massive project or stress when I needed to focus to complete a task – however, now I am calmer and have a greater sense of ease towards challenges, projects, and the day in general.


My suggestion is that if you have wanted to try CBD Oil, then simply go for it.


Questions and Comments:

Many others take CBD Oil (along with turmeric – which has similar anti-inflammatory properties and has been widely studied) to control and decrease inflammation in the body. Why would you want to get rid of inflammation? Aside from the discomfort and pain that is associated with inflammation, a leading cause of cancer is inflammation. Why is this the case? Simply because inflammation interacts negatively with your cells and cancer is often derived from mutated cells.


So if you would rather be proactive versus reactive with your health, then give CBD oil a try!


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor before beginning new homeopathic treatments, especially when pregnant, have a serious illness, or other medical concerns.

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2 thoughts on “Hemp CBD OIL

  1. Hey Jessica,

    I started taking CBD oil a year and a half ago to see if it would work on helping me stop smoking. I noticed it helped curb my cravings, and I did quit over a year ago now with Chantix.

    Then I started to look into CBD more for the constant worrying in my head and back pain. It does help my back pain and give me more energy, as you said.

    Have you tried magnesium oil or Theraworks for back pain? It works well for me!

    1. That’s really great to hear!

      I have tried magnesium for leg cramps and to reduce migraines (I really should write a post on this!) and have had success. I am not sure how much it helps with my back pain in particular, but I also know my back pain is from dysfunctional use which merely requires stretching and modified behavior (this is caused by a previous hip injury that required surgery).

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