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Fear. The word itself is crippling. Fear. It is the thing that holds us back. Fear. It is the voice inside our head that creates self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness. Fear. It is stopping you from living out the life that you dreamed of – the life that you’re meant to live which fulfills your purpose in life. Fear. It’s nothing but our inner self that’s afraid of change trying to keep you from living, keep you from being completely happy and satisfied with your life. Fear. Is nothing more than an inner voice of all potential outcomes that cause worry and stress for what? For nothing. Fear. Is within, internal and should not stop your external being. Fear. Is. Nothing.

Take a breath – let it go. Fear does not exist outside of ourselves when it comes to living our inner purpose – it is only within and that is where it should stay. Trap that fear and keep it caged up.

Let me tell you, fear does not leave but there are ways to tame it. I have fear. Everyone has fear. This includes all of those successful people that you look up to – they have fear and in order to become successful in what they wanted in life, they overcame it.

Now how do you tame that inner fear that’s keeping you from living intentionally, purposefully, and happily?

  1. Identify and be aware of your fears. 
    Awareness to your fears brings them to the forefront of the mind. This may create anxiety and stress, but it also allows you the opportunity to identify and isolate both what your fears are as well as what leads up to your fears. It may help to journal these as they come to the mind instead of allowing it to take up headspace.
  2. Come to the now and take action. 
    This involves bringing the fear to the forefront and overcoming it. Imagine how good it will feel to overcome it. As you mindfully work toward trapping your fears with them at the forefront of your mind, despite all of the anxiety and stress, you will be okay. You will be alright. Remember, your internal fears cannot harm you – they merely hold you back. Work through it despite feeling petrified.
  3. Change your perspective and focus on the positivity. 
    By changing your perspective and focusing on the positives, focusing on the end result, focusing on the good – rather than all of the negative that fear likes to bring to the forefront, to include self-doubt, failure, loss, and so forth will lead you to get through the task the fear that held you back from and will lead you to complete what you set out to do.
  4. Come to understand your fears – especially that of failure. 
    Our internal fears do not bring about the end of the world, especially that of failure. In fact, any obstacle that is presented to us should not hold us back but lead to a learning opportunity – even when our fears come to fruition, like that of failure, it is not the ultimate end but rather a chance to redirect, learn, and grow.
  5. Finally, breathe. 
    Our breath is powerful. When we have anxious energy in us, simply breathe deep and slowly and realize the calming power – feel the grounding effect. If your nervous energy promotes a sense of restlessness in you then consider practicing meditation or yoga to calm your nerves, ease your muscle tension, and ease your energy.

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