How to Find Your Purpose in Life

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We here at Jess and Co. believe in finding your purpose in life which will help bring a sense of peace while amounting to full circle productivity. This is where we derive our tagline of ‘collide to coexist’ – one must experience a collision in all of one’s life journeys, interests, and desires in order to find a balanced coexistence in life which in turn leads to happiness.

You may be wondering though, how does one find one’s true purpose in life?

Well, I would like to disavow the idea that we only have one purpose here in life when in fact we likely have several. Think about your life thus far, the ideas and adventures that you have partaken in. Think about your role in each of those major moments – they likely differ meaning that you played a pivotal role in several difference courses throughout your life. Maybe our purpose is not meant to find the one ultimate but rather all of the small purposes intended for us. This is my belief. We change, evolve, and adapt – why then can our purpose in life not evolve to match the circumstances and the situations we uphold.

Now, onto how to find your purpose for the meantime.

1. Become aware and listen.

Build an awareness through mindful observation of your present state and circumstances. Become keen to the idea of your importance in the current role. Be intent on listening to your life and what it may have to tell you. Do this through thoughtful observation of the past, present, and future expectations. As Parker Palmer said in ‘Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation’

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.”

2. The journey towards purposeful living is not easy, but rather it takes diligent practice.

Unfortunately for the lazy, anything we want does not come easy – it takes work – more importantly, it takes practice. You may ask, practice to what? Well, that is something we all may not know, but the point is that you will find it and the many along the way – through diligent practice and pushing yourself, even when you’re uncomfortable.

3. Enjoy the adventure and just roll with it!

Life really is an adventure. It’s not a stagnant and stale phase – it’s one of evolution full of perfect timing. While it may be hard at times to see the adventure or to have an enjoyment towards life, it really is something that is meant to be enjoyed despite it having hardship. Imagine all of the times that you thought you blew it, your life is over, it’s the end of the world, etc. and how you can look back through heavy emotions and see that your life changed its’ course, albeit, maybe not the one you dreamed of, but one of significantly more importance and value. This is because the timing is perfect. So my advice to you is to simply go for it if you want and see where it takes you! Have fun, learn a lot, and take in the scenery for there is always a big wide world that still exists outside of our direct line of sight.

Are you looking for a little more inspiration?

As always, TedTalks are informative, engaging, and spectacularly inspiring. Check out these TedTalks on finding your purpose and get on your way towards the life that you always dreamt of!

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