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Jess here, and I recently attended a meetup group full of inspiration, purpose, and worthwhile meaning. It was called “Journeying Within: Fiber, a Metaphor for Our Lives with Rita Petteys”.

Community groups can be frightening things to endeavor in, however, they have the potential to be beautiful, inspirational, and impactful in deeply profound ways while allowing you the ability to meet others of diverse backgrounds. Networking, in all forms, is immensely important to our being as we are social creatures, thus, whether it be for personal or business you should take the leap and attend that networking event that you want.

The theme for the particular event of focus was about how fiber is symbolic for life. Much like fiber, life requires an intricate amount of work to transform and develop into that beautiful finished piece that was desired. This ideology is one that is not new to me, but one that was exciting to experience further hands-on exploration with. Fiber requires intricate work, patience, and skill – is made with intent and purpose – leads to an array of endings interwoven together by the collected cohesion of each fiber and its’ root beginning – and symbolizes something meaningful in the creation and finishing – just as life is. They are coexistent in a way. Purposefully intertwined.

What was intriguing was that as everyone began introducing themselves and stating a little about ourselves we all found a little interconnectedness amongst one another. This aligned with the idea that we were all meant to be there and share in that space and collective thought journey as one. In a way, we were developing a weaving of interconnectivity through everyone’s individual life journey and there was the realization here that we are all meant to be cohesively together and work as one strand of yarn rather than as individual fibers. We are not meant to exist as an island in and ourselves, because naturally, we do not. We are meant to work together as a community and as a spun yarn that has many means to an end but has diverse rooted beginnings. This is why networking is important! Whether it be for personal endeavor or business endeavor, maybe even a little bit of both, networking and attending community events are important, significant, and have deep meaningful purpose.

The speaker, Rita Pettey, owner of Yarn Hallow had a lot of insight on this topic and she shared her beautiful array of fiber collections, ranging from natural wool fresh from the sheep to the luxuriously soft bamboo, to natural hemp to rayon (which in fact, is not a plastic product but developed from wood).

The host of the group, Michelle Devoe is the owner of Shamama – a company about “[finding] your inner voice, [finding] your bliss”.

Photo credit – Interweave.

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