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My career is in a transition phase. I will be transitioning from a commuting, part-time telecommute position to a nearly 100% telecommuting role (aside from hosting events and so forth). More about my new career phase to come soon, but aside from that change, I will also be learning and implementing techniques for working at home as a mom, or in other words being a WAHM and Mompreneur!

While I implement and learn more as I go, I struggle to find just the right answers to my problems – and ultimately that will become the new goal of this blog.

It’s a pivotal shift but not a complete change, just a narrowing and focus on what is most important to me and where I can provide value to you.

Here is what to expect from this blog: 

  • Information for the modern WAHM and MOMpreneur (tailored business advice)
  • Information on living a balanced and aware lifestyle (lifestyle advice and reference to Bohemian Business – Work Life Balance – Work Life Integration)
  • The ever popular Weekend Words of Wisdom (WWofW) will REMAIN!

What to expect from the store?

  • Products related to WAHM’s and MOMpreneur’s.
  • Healthy living products – don’t forget, there’s still BE.BAHP with Jess (Be beautiful, active, healthy, and prosperous with Jess)!

What else can you find here? 

Lots of information about active communities on Facebook (such as We are Boho Business Builders and BE.BAHP with Jess), lessons on how to create and control your advice, and events (like webinars and local seminars).

More about this new position in my career…

I am now serving as the Director of Communications and Education for a (local to West Michigan) non-profit organization called Green Home Institute (GHI). This organization serves to empower “professionals and homeowners to make healthier and more sustainable choices in the places we live”.

As the Director of Communications and Education, it will be my job to assist the Education Director with educating the community and providing CE certifications.

To say that I am a little excited about this new role and shift in career is an understatement! This position not only aligns well with my personal beliefs of healthy living, it also aligns well with living a balanced lifestyle – exactly what I seek for in life.

I am looking forward to learning new things as well as applying my talents and skills towards an organization that has a tremendous impact!

To learn more information about GHI or to attend an event, then check out their Youtube channel and events page.


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