Successfully Work Remotely While Homeschooling

A pandemic known as Covid-19 has been unleashed on the world, leaving no area safe from this new virus that has the potential to be fatal. In the U.S., communities are banding together and governments are shutting down entire states (almost literally with the closure of non-essential businesses that is). With k-12 schools (temporarily, for now) closed for 1-month, colleges have moved their entire curriculumn online for the rest of the semester, and many workplaces have moved to remote work (hallelujah, this is a blessing for sure!) – there is a massive amount of change, anxiety, and many tests to patience will occur. As a seasoned resident remote-worker and parent to two young children, I am here to guide you in some helpful tips and share many beneficial resources that I have found – all of which have provided some level of benefit to me.

A little about me –

I have been freelancing online since March of 2013. I have studied remotely through distance learning programs since 2012, where I earned my Bachelors in Entrepreneurship and Marketing in 2014 and my MBA in 2016. I have worked in offices since 2016 where I have had the opportunity to work remotely, at least part of the time. I changed employment and now work remotely 100% of the time since mid-2019. In that time, I also had a child in 2014 – you can see her pictured here in San Diego where I walked for my Bachelors commencement ceremony, she was only 9 months old! productivity consultant

I also continued forward with my Masters and earned that in 2016 while working full-time in an office environment with a little baby/toddler on my hands. My family moved across country from Montana to Michigan, living in an RV with 4 large dogs and 4 cats. We landed in Michigan where I immediately connected with a Virtual Assistant job board and was supplied with regular jobs and clients. From there, I found jobs with partial remote work capabilities that were also local to my area. By 2017, my family found a home we moved into and I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child. By mid-2018 I gave birth to our 2nd girl and I was able to move my work from part-time remote to full-time – something I did for about 3-4 months until I transitioned back to part-time in the office. My mid-2019, a full-remote career opportunity arose, so I took it. At this point in time, my youngest is a toddler and my oldest is in Kindergarten. Sometimes I have help with care of the youngest, but more often than not, I do not – so I learned to improvise. This is where many of my practical techniques developed and I learned that I really do have more than 2 arms and can accomplish way more than I believe in a day.

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Now with Covid-19 I have a hyper Kindergartner home from school for the next month with an active toddler while still working remotely full-time. I juggle daily life, homeschooling, work, and whatever else arises (I also have many pets – check me out on IG @thisis.ourzoo).

Whether you’re new to working from home or a long-time resident, I am sure that with all that’s going on in the world today that there are still new challenges and hiccups that you’re encountering (and learning to work with rather than around – ie. no daycare so now what?!). 

Well, as you may or may not know, working remotely with the ‘chaos’ or daily living is not a strict ‘by-the-book’ matter of working and living – in fact, it requires a lot of flexibility despite the many levels of planning that may happen (I know – I am a planner person, but there still needs to remain a level of flexibility if I am to enjoy and love everyday just as it is unfolding). I am sure you know what I mean – plans get broken and how do you feel about it? Stressed, anxious, disappointed, saddened – I know – I have been there. Simply put, embrace each day for what it is and thank God that you’re still here today to experience it all. 

With that said, I put together a little worksheet with resources and inspiration for those new to working from home, for those that need a little motivation in this time of social-distancing, and for those that are looking at how to juggle it all.

If you find that there’s something I am missing, please feel free to reach out and let me know! I will continuously be updating the Pinterest boards so I would recommend to follow them so that you can always stay updated! 

NOTE: If you have already downloaded the document for ‘Homeschool Tips’ and ‘Ease Anxiety’ then there’s no need to download again as this is the same file. 


Homeschooling is not like it was back when I was a kid, and dare I say it (as it dates me), BEFORE THE INTERNET! We now have so many resources readily accessible right at the tips of our fingers that there is no reason that we should not use some level of homeschooling at some point ( ie. – extended Summer breaks), or in this case, forced homeschooling for those in locations where schools have been suspended over concerns of Covid-19 and public health. 

Think about it – how often has your child played a game or watched a show that has some educational benefit to it? That’s really how simple it can be to begin homeschooling your child. 

We are so blessed to be experiencing this in a day where education doesn’t have to suffer due to schools closing for an unknown extended amount of time unexpectedly. 

After considering resources that have already been readily accessed by your child, where do you go from here? 

Well, I have put together a list of regular (free) homeschooling resources along with the many extras that are occurring due to the pandemic. 

I will continue to update these links (especially the Pinterest boards) as new resources become known to me. 

Do you have a link or resource that I forgot? Then please share it!

NOTE: If you have already downloaded the document for ‘Remote Work Tips’ and ‘Ease Anxiety’ then there’s no need to download again as this is the same file. 

I am Christian and I welcome you to join me in my walk with God as I have found a lot of peace during this time of unknown. If you’re a Christian, or just interested in learning about what the Bible says about easing anxieties and fears then I welcome you to check out the last page of this document, which includes a Bible reading plan, a direct answer on how to feel about Covid-19, and resources for children to gain biblical guidance. 

If you know of an additional resource that I may have missed, then please share it! 

NOTE: If you have already downloaded the document for ‘Remote Work Tips’ and ‘Homeschool Tips’ then there’s no need to download again as this is the same file. 

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