How to Live a Life of Gratitude & Why You Should Begin Doing So Today

Gratitude is part of being humble and creates happiness. Why? Because you really start to see what you have in life to be thankful for. You take on an appreciate life perspective. You develop introspection and kindness towards both yourself...Read More

Spring is Here! Have You Started Prepping Your Garden Yet?

According to the Old Farmer Almanac, spring has arrived! Flowers and trees have started budding, the robins have returned to the North, and temperatures are starting to warm up as snow becomes rain. Thunderstorms are a brewing and the sweet...Read More

Sale Ends Today & How Sales Can Boost Business + An EXTRA Bonus!

Sales, Coupons, Discounts...we all have heard of them, and we all have participated in them in one way or another. Why do we love sales and discounts so much? The answer is simple, in fact. It's purely psychological - we...Read More

Attend the Event…Fiber Symbolizes Our Lives Through Metaphor

Jess here, and I recently attended a meetup group full of inspiration, purpose, and worthwhile meaning. It was called "Journeying Within: Fiber, a Metaphor for Our Lives with Rita Petteys". Community groups can be frightening things to endeavor in, however, they...Read More

The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned as a Small Business Owner + The History of How Jess & Company, USA Came to Existence

"Lessons are sometimes taught by others, while sometimes they are best learned through trial and error - this is something that I have learned best as a small business owner." - Jessica Beauchamp I have run three Etsy shops, TeaRosie,...Read More

Who is Jess and Company, USA? – Finding Self Purpose Through a Brand and Business.

Hello!Welcome to Day One of Jess and Company, USA! We here are excited to introduce to make this major leap and finally introduce ourselves. Jess and Co. USA is a lifestyle brand that focuses on selling clothing for the free-spirit. Designed...Read More